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Pro-Tech. South African favourite for over 30 Years Lock Mitre router bit
for strongh box joints

Lock mitre bit by Pro-Tech

Classical Cove bit profile

The lock-mitre cutter makes extremely strong mitred corner joints. Various applications for this joint type include wooden pillars, boxes and extremely strong drawers. The lock mitre joint is an improvement over standard mitre joints in box construction. The interlocking joint guarantees an accurate fi t and the increased gluing area means a stronger joint.

This router bit has a 12,7mm shank (shaft) that will fit large routers with the correct size collet. Please ensure that you select a router bit with a shank (shaft) size that will fit into your router collet.

Router Bit Maintenance

Fortunately, this is pretty easy. The best way to prolong the life of a router bit is to keep it clean. And what you need to do varies with the type of bit.

Note: Sharpening is extremely important too.

Bits with Bearings:

To clean bits with bearings, first, remove the bearing. Then clean the bit as you did with non-bearing bits.

It's important to remove the bearings because even though router bearings are 'sealed,' resin remover can sneak in and dissolve the bearing grease. If this were to happen, you would be faced with the problem of trying to lubricate a sealed bearing.

Despite the claims of bearing grease sellers, we've never had much luck with this. Once that grease is gone, just go buy a new bearing.

Bit Shanks:

Periodically inspect the shanks of your router bits for rust or burrs. Either of these can be removed quickly with ScotchBrite®. Left on, they can interfere with your ability to properly tighten the bit in the collet.

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