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BEARING FOR KP3503 5/8' O.D. X 3/16' I.D.

BEARING FOR KP3503 5/8' O.D. X 3/16' I.D.
BEARING FOR KP3503 5/8' O.D. X 3/16' I.D.
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  • Model: KP3503-1
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  • Dimensions: 22.00mm x 82.00mm x 82.00mm
  • SKU: KP3503-1
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Pro-Tech. South African favourite for over 30 YearsBearing

Bearing for Rabbeting bit for cutting rebates by Pro-TechFor changing cutting depths

Rabbet: (răb′ĭt) also re·bate (rē′bāt′,răb′ĭt)
A cut or groove along or near the edge of a piece of wood that allows another piece to fit into it to form a joint.

By choosing alternative bearings with a larger outside diameter, the depth of cut can be reduced. The cutting height can be increased with multiple passes.

Refer to the specification tab for the optonal alternative bearing choices offered by us.


PRO-TECH router bits are manufactured in Taiwan.

Router Bit Maintenance

Fortunately, this is pretty easy. The best way to prolong the life of a router bit is to keep it clean. And what you need to do varies with the type of bit.

Note: Sharpening is extremely important too.

 Bits with Bearings:

To clean bits with bearings, first, remove the bearing. Then clean the bit as you did with non-bearing bits.

It's important to remove the bearings because even though router bearings are 'sealed,' resin remover can sneak in and dissolve the bearing grease. If this were to happen, you would be faced with the problem of trying to lubricate a sealed bearing.

Despite the claims of bearing grease sellers, we've never had much luck with this. Once that grease is gone, just go buy a new bearing.

 Bit Shanks:

Periodically inspect the shanks of your router bits for rust or burrs. Either of these can be removed quickly with ScotchBrite®. Left on, they can interfere with your ability to properly tighten the bit in the collet.

Part number Outside diameter Inside diameter
KP3503-1 5/8 inch 3/16 inch

Other optional bearings to alter the cutting depth

Part number Bearing size
KP3503-2 3/4 inch OD  x  3/16 inch ID
KP3503-3 7/8 inch OD  x  3/16 inch ID
KP3503-4 1 inch OD  x  3/16 inch ID
KP3503-5 1 1/8 inch OD  x  3/16 inch ID
KP3503-6 1 1/4 inch OD  x  3/16 inch ID

* OD = Outside diameter        ID = Inside diameter